Richard Carpenter


Richard Carpenter of ENR

by Dave Carew

Some call it “the musical gumbo” . . . others “the coolest music scene in Music City.” No matter how you describe it, the musical landscape in East Nashville is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting, most “happening” in the entire world—a David rivaling the Goliaths of Austin, New York, and L.A. in sheer diversity and talent-depth.

Each day, East Nashville Radio delivers that incredible music scene to listeners around the world. In this exclusive interview with Underground Nashville, founder and on-air host Richard Carpenter talks about his unique radio station:

UNDERGROUND NASHVILLE: Specifically, how does East Nashville Radio differ from other radio stations in Nashville?

RICHARD CARPENTER: East Nashville Radio is a state of mind, a vibe created by the music of the artists it showcases. We are Internet-driven, with free mobile apps reaching audiences worldwide. ENR is an artist’s co-op of sorts, featuring hourly shows by various artists throughout the week. We specialize in a wide range of Americana, blues, and rock, but with no boxes or walls and no ceiling. The sky’s the limit!

UN: Why did you feel there was such a huge artistic/musical need for East Nashville Radio?

RC: East Nashville Radio was created to present to the world the East Nashville music scene; the up-and-coming artists that are flying under the radar, and the multitude of indie artists. Hence our slogan “Music from the Other Side and Beyond.”

UN: What is the most important impact the station has had to date?

RC: Gaining respect from artists Tommy Womack, Doug and Telisha Williams, Chelle Rose, and Marshall Chapman made us realize we had something unique and exciting. Doug and Telisha’s weekly show, Whiskey Wednesday, was our first 60-minute segment. [Last week was] their 74th episode. Chelle Rose soon followed with her show Appalachian Rock ‘n Roll. Her sassy banter has garnered a vast following. Our latest weekly shows are Anne McCue’s Songs on the Wire, Tommy Womack’s Friday Happiness Hour, Americana Music Show, Country Fried Rock, and Nashville Underground Radio.

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