Ask The Info Dude


Dear Info Dude,
I remember reading once that John Lennon had a hand in writing The Turtles' hit "Happy Together". However, I can't
find his name in the credits or any other information about his involvement with that song. Was there a connection?
Did he really help write the song?
Scott King
Downey, CA

Hey Scott,
Thanks for the question. The Info Dude was dubious of this claim and did some in-depth research on the matter. What
I found was that in 1967, John, in a drunken rage at a party attended by some of The Turtles, loudly berated Turtles
rhythm guitarist Jim Tucker for trying to be like The Beatles. The reason? "Happy Together" had bumped The Beatles'
"Penny Lane" out of the Billboard Top 100 and John was none too happy about it. Incidentally, Tucker quit the band
shortly after the incident.

Hi, Info Dude
We spoke once on the phone several years ago and I asked you a question about a band and you said you'd check
it out and put it in your column. I guess you forgot. So here it is again. Did Alice Cooper actually get their name
from a spirit that the band contacted through an Ouija board?
Name Witheld

Hello again, Name.
I do not actually remember your call, sorry. However, in my defense, SHAKE! went on hiatus for awhile and there
were no Info Dude columns for a couple years. We are back again though and I appreciate the question. Here is the
much belated answer: No. Thanks again, Name. OK, just kidding. Although the rumor was that front man Vincent Furnier and the rest of the band used an Ouija board to conjure up a spirit, that spirit being one Alice Cooper, in truth this is entirely false. Furnier, in an interview on VH-1's "Behind The Music", said "I remember we were sitting around talking about band names. I was eating Doritos and just said the first name that came to mind. Which was Alice Cooper." So there it is.

To the Info Dude,
How did Paul Hewson, the lead singer of U2 get the name Bono?
Rosemary Dennis
Detroit, MI

Hi Rosemary,
Bono has had that nickname since he was a young boy. It is short for "Bono Vox", a variation of Bonavox, which means
"good voice" in Latin. It was given to him by his family, as he was quite the little vocalist around the house.

Hi Info Dude,
Welcome back. I've missed your column. Here's a question I've wanted to ask for some time now. Johnny Cash was in
the Air Force for awhile back in the 50's. What job did he have?
Mike Ferris
Manchester, TN

Johnny Cash did indeed do a stint in the US Air Force. His MOS (Military Operational Specialty) was code breaker.
He was assigned to the Cryptographic Intelligence Unit and was tasked with intercepting and decoding Soviet Morse
code. In fact, he was the first American to report the death of Josef Stalin in 1953 after picking it up in one of
his intercepted messages. He was so good at his job that he became the go-to guy whenever there was a particularly
tough code that needed breaking. No one needs to decode what happened to him after his discharge from the military!

Info Dude,
I've heard that The Doors tried to get Iggy Pop to join the band after Jim Morrison passed away. Really? Why Iggy
Pop, of all people?
San Ysidro, CA

Think about it: Iggy (short for "Iguana") is often compared to Jim Morrison (also known as "The Lizard King").
Iggy himself has cited Jim Morrison was his main influence. While Morrison's The Doors was far better known and
more commercially successful than Iggy's Stooges, the Stooges sparked punk rock music. The two were wild men,
known for their over-the-top, destructive stage acts and hedonistic behaviors offstage. The biggest difference,
of course, is that Iggy survived his self destructive, hedonistic life style, while Morrison didn't. Iggy turned
down the offer due to scheduling conflicts.

Hola, Info Dude,
What was the first rock album ever played in space?
Jerry G.
Jesup, IA

Pink Floyd's 1988 live album, "The Delicate Sound of Thunder", was the first rock record to ever be played in space.
Russian cosmonauts took it with them onto the MIR space station during their Soyuz TM-7 mission in 1989. It was also
the band's only official Russian album release in their career up to that time, having been released through a
state-owned label. Many of Floyd's records saw release in Russia, but only on the black market. I understand that
the band's new "The Endless River" has also recently been officially released in Russia. Since 2005, several of
Pink Floyd's records have been released officially in Russia.