Dave Carew


Interview with LoveCollide

By Dave Carew 

LoveCollide is easily one of the most talented, engaging, and endearing Christian bands to emerge in years. Formed by two sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, the band released its acclaimed debut album last year and will be touring extensively this summer and fall.   Underground Nashvillerecently caught up with LoveCollide for this exclusive interview:

UNDERGROUND NASHVILLE: Why did LoveCollide choose to become a Christian, rather than a secular, pop/rock band?   

LOVECOLLIDE:   There are several reasons, but the main reason is, when we first started playing music, we actually played “positive secular” music as a pop/rock band. [But] we soon discovered Luke 19:40 to be true. If we don’t cry out, the rocks will. In Hard Rock Cafés and festivals, we found ourselves “preaching” from the stage. We either spouted out Bible verses or just straight-up told people how much Jesus Christ loved them. Naturally, doors in the Christian music arena started opening up, and we really felt God tugging at our hearts to be an overtly Christian band. We obeyed Him and our whole world changed. When we accepted His call and challenge, we felt a peace in our lives like never before. This is where God wants us.

UN: You recently released a short video focused on your desire to try to be authentic human beings. Why did you feel it was important to create that video?  

LC:   There is so much that is “fake” today. Especially with social media, it can be difficult to feel like you measure up with what “appears” standard. The reality is none of us are perfect, and that is okay. We want to allow people to see and know that yeah, I struggle and sometimes I don’t feel confident. We all have bad days and things we struggle with. I (Lauren) have anxiety and Brooke struggles with various learning disabilities. We often feel “not good enough,” but we don’t hide our weaknesses. When we are weak, He is strong. In our Father’s eyes we   are   perfect as he made us.

UN: Do you feel pressure to be role models for your fans?

LC:   We feel, as believers, we have the responsibility of letting our light shine to all people. That light being Jesus Christ, at work in us through our music, messaging, and how we live out our lives. So do we feel pressure? Not really. Do we feel responsibility to represent Jesus well? Yes. To our fans? Sure! To all people? Absolutely. We are honored when anyone looks up to us as role models, but we recognize anything good is simply Christ in us.

UN: What are your dreams for the next year?  

LC:   We will be at many festivals this summer, and have plans in the fall to tour with The Millennial Tour, produced by the Executive Producer of   God’s Not Dead, to equip millennials to own, share, and defend their faith through music and messaging. We plan to finish up the writing for our second record in the fall, and release it in early 2016. We have partnered with OneCry for revival and the Reset Movement.  There are many things developing and God knows our dreams. Our greatest desire is to make   Himfamous and let him determine what that means for us. 

For more information about LoveCollide, please visit: http://lovecollide.com/

To view LoveCollide’s “Sold Out” video, please visit:


David M. (Dave) Carew, a frequent contributor to “Shake!,” is editor/writer of the “Underground Nashville” blog and author of the novels “Everything Means Nothing to Me: A Novel of Underground Nashville” and “Voice from the Gutter.” He also is a freelance book editor, publicist, seminar and workshop leader, and advertising/marketing/public relations writer.