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The Burrito Brothers
"The idea'll keep going. It's not like it's dead. Whether I do it or anybody else does,
it's got to keep going."
Gram Parsons
"This is the closest to the original FBB sound of all of the previous bands." Will James, Gram Parsons International.
Trace the winding paths of Country and Rock & Roll back, you'll find great music at the crossroads. That's home turf for The Burrito Brothers, who celebrate the legacy while serving up fresh contributions.Country Rock's big bang came in the late '60s, when Gram Parsons started The Flying Burrito Brothers. The group has continued ever since with new line-ups rising from the ashes of previous ones.Today's Burrito Brothers are veterans who all rode that "Cosmic American Music"roller coaster. In 2014 it's Rick Lonow, Chris & Fred James, Rusty Russell and Tony Paoletta. Their credits extend deeply into Country, Rock and Americana music
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Ken and Rose McNeal, aka KRMac, have been writing and performing Country Pop and Christian music for over three decades. They have toured extensively in the U.S., especially the eastern seaboard. In addition to Ken and Rose's songwriting and performing, Ken is also an accomplished guitarist, producer and engineer. He owns and operates Backroad Studio in Virginia, the eastern branch of The Note Factory Studio in Nashville, owned and operated by Warren Ells, who co-produces many projects with Ken. KRMac's album Voice In The Dark is available on CD and in the itunes store at k-r-mac.
for more info on The Note Factory and Backroad Studio, visit www.notefactorystudio.com
Donna Frost
Singer/Songwriter Donna Frost was raised in Franklin, Tennessee. Music is a Family Tradition: her Father's a Music Director and her Uncle was Legendary ELVIS Record Producer, Felton Jarvis! Donna is a Modern Day Troubadour, traveling throughout the USA Singing & Songwriting! Donna currently has two new albums out. For more info on Donna, visit
NRE has been the front man and lead writer for Submethod, a Nashville-based prog rock band, and The Human Abstract, a california band formerly signed to Hopeless Records. The Human Abstract had two albums in the Billboard top 100, Nocturne and Midheaven, and did several U.S. tours, including twice on the Vans Warped Tour as well as a world tour in 2007. NRE, aka Nathanael Ross Ells, has worked alongside legendary producer Pat Leonard (Madonna, Pink Floyd), Sergio Chavez (Motorhead, P.O.D.), and several others. NRE now resides in Nashville, producing albums and videos. For information on NRE video and audio production, contact Warren Ells at warrenlayout@yahoo.com. For more information on NRE, visit www.facebook.com/nathanael.ross.ells
Jill Sissel
Jill Sissel has been writing and performing her acclaimed Americana music in the Nashville area for more than 20 years. In 1999, Just Plain Folks nominated her for Americana Album of the Year, and she has garnered numerous other awards and honors since. Jill has just released a soulful, evocative blues album, Tell the Truth, her 7th studio release to date. She has opened shows for Dan Seals, Ty England, JoDee Messina, and Tracy Lawrence. In 2013, The Delta Ride Band was formed, a vocally-driven, guitar-laden band. For more information, visit www.jillsissel.com
The emerging sound of today's most current pop infused with rock, and hearts sold out for Jesus Christ equals LoveCollide. Two sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary, began singing together as little girls, sharing a room, singing into their hairbrushes. Not long after, they began writing music and at age 13 and 16 they started to record. A year later in 2011 they released their first EP, under the name "The DeLearys". This EP reflected the fact that these girls had it all. They wrote the songs and played nearly all the instruments on the tracks (Lauren on keyboard and bass, Brooke on drums, percussion and guitar). Though their music was faith-based and positive it was not overtly Christian and they both felt like their music was missing the most important part of the equation.
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